About Us

Ujwala Desai

It all started when my son, Harshavardhan, decided to go to the USA for his higher studies. He is a foodie like any youngster but knew nothing about cooking. I was quite worried and was not comfortable with the thought of he eating junk food and restaurant  food on a regular basis and I was pondering over, to find out the Best solution so that he could have fresh homemade food in the shortest possible time and without any laborious work.

Thankfully, one of my friends told me about the Gravy Mixes which can be used for cooking Punjabi food within minutes. I studied the process further to make these Gravy Mixes which can be used with vegetables or chicken/eggs/fish. It not only helped him in saving his valuable time of studying/completing assignments while cooking the food  in a jiffy, but as a beginner too, he found it easy to prepare Punjabi dishes easily. It ultimately served my prime objective as he started cooking regularly at home instead of going in for junk food/outside food option. More importantly, these Gravy mixes are being prepared without Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and artificial flavours, colours/preservatives.

I started gifting these Ready-Mix Gravy pouches to kids of our family friends who were studying abroad. In no time, these Gravy mixes became very popular amongst the students studying abroad/away from home within India. In fact one of them jokingly calls it as a ‘Magic Powder’. YuDi’s was borne when these friends/relatives insisted that they would like to pay for these Gravy Mixes.

Shilpa Sirdesai, one of my very close friends took the initiative, and helped me in christening YuDi’s (for ‘U’jwala ‘D’esai). Further, she also helped me in designing the first Logo alongwith the advertisement. Encouraged and motivated by such enterprising friends and relatives, YuDi’s began to travel places.

These Gravy Mixes are not only popular with students studying abroad or away from home but also with working women/men in India as these Gravy mixes save good amount of time for them and is also useful if you have sudden guests at home for Lunch/Dinner, and further when you don’t have help at home too.

Now, Mr. Prasad Parulekar, our family friend who runs Brandved is helping YuDi’s reach out to the global community.