“First of all let me congratulate Ujwala for an amazing product. Indian cooking is tedious and YuDis spice powders have made it quick and pleasurable. Whether it is for children studying abroad who can experience Indian cooking in a jiffy or for Indians, this convenience is addictive! I know for a fact that Ujwala will never compromise on quality so all my very best to her in this new endeavour. More power to you dear Uj! ”

Shilpa Sirdesai
- Shilpa Sirdesai

“Red gravy today! YuDis dishes are amazing! made YuDis gravy again for another set of friends They also loved it. Everyone wants to buy the mixes! They call it magic powder! Just Loving it.. ”

“Made Broccoli Malai Matar using YuDi’s white gravy! Yudi’s mixes are magic: they can make even broccoli taste yum yum! The new dish turned out great and everyone enjoyed it! Thanks YuDis! Tasty, easy and healthy!❤️”

Anwaya Aras
- Anwaya Aras

"YuDis masala lets an amateur cook like me make restaurant-quality gravy with very little effort. In fact, I prefer eating home-cooked curries cooked in YuDis masala to any outside food because it gets the impossible combination of being tastier, healthier, and faster. Every time I come back home to Mumbai, the only thing all of my friends from the University ask me to bring for them are a couple of packets of YuDis masala"

Akshay Utture
- Akshay Utture

“My aunt gave me a few of YuDis curry packets when I visited Mumbai in Dec-18. I am super impressed with them. In my twenty years of living in the US I have never found anything that has made cooking so easy yet so delicious. You are a creative genius!! I will definitely get more whichever way possible and whenever possible. Wish every grocery store in the US carried them.. Note: If you dont want to compromise about eating healthy yet tasty Indian food, OR hate packaged or frozen food (which I do and hope everybody does), this is a Godsend!! Cant recommend enough.”

Rahul Ghate
- Rahul Ghate

“I was very fortunate to know Ujwala & got an opportunity to try the YuDis Gravy mixes she makes. The very first time I tried it, I & my whole family fell in love with it. They are delightful Gravy mixes & make delicious meals. Absolutely delectable & heavenly. The sweet savoury taste of somes mixes & the spicy taste of others gives me option to make different dishes. You can very easily fix a quick meal, since minimum time is required for cooking. Apart from being tasty they are authentic, personally made by Ujwala, with best quality ingredients & are preservative free. There are many options for Gravies & Dal & Biryani making it a complete range of mixes for preparing a full meal. My family has got so used this homemade taste that I need a constant supply of these mixes. Now-a-days I find YuDis the best gifting option for families & friends. YuDis Gravy masala mixes are an essential item in my kitchen & have become integral part of my cooking. Entertaining guests has become so easy & enjoyable with YuDis mixes. All in all we just love the exquisite lip smacking meals prepared with YuDis mixes & I strongly recommend it to all. You will surely get hooked on to them & love them. Enjoy cooking with YuDis Gravy mixes !! ”

 Dr. Alpana Utture
- Dr. Alpana Utture

“The red gravy mix of YuDis was simply amazing!!! The richness of the gravy coupled with the subtlety of the flavours was what made it so special. Without going overboard with the spices yet preserving the deliciousness is what makes a dish stand out and this is exactly what we got when we used YuDis red curry mix. Really eager to try out the other Gravy Mixes as well. My mouths already watering... Simply yum.”

Gatha Desai
- Gatha Desai

“I highly recommend YuDis masalas ... Its readymade ..saving time on gathering all the ingredients , very low in any oil ... making it super healthy , as it is homemade .. it’s hygienic and above all tasty ... Gives you that authentic ‘ restaurant ‘ flavour. A real boon for parties and guests at home.”

Anita Mohan
- Anita Mohan

“YuDis mixes are very delicious...very simple. convenient and tasty. Loved it..My son in UK is using these regularly and his non-Indian friends also enjoy these Indian dishes”

Amita Shetye
- Amita Shetye

“Brown gravy masala exceeded expectations and had a great mixture of Indian spices. I simply followed instructions written on the masala packet and preferred having chicken. The masala has right combination of spices to add mouth watering flavor and taste to chicken. We are satisfied with taste and quality and would love to try other masala products as well.”

Rashmi Kode
- Rashmi Kode

“Tried paneer matar in red gravy. Chicken in brown gravy Methi malai matar in white gravy.All yummy. Zatpat cooking for amateur , seasoned cooks ”

Vrushali Ketkar
- Vrushali Ketkar

“Angela and I really enjoyed the chicken curry I made (twice) with the red gravy mix of yudis. If we can figure out a way to get more of that and other products from Ujwala, we would love to get many more.The Masala is excellent ”

Dilip Limaye
- Dilip Limaye

“Yudis products are tried and tested... And trusted ones! Ive tried the biryyani masala and the kolhapuri masala. They have the perfect flavor mix.. Not too much, not too less.”

Dipti Lele
- Dipti Lele

I used your Red Gravy Masala for a mixed veg.curry, my family members and friends liked it very much. My 10 year old granddaughter loved the egg curry made with this Masala. Thank you very much.

Veena Kaval
- Veena Kaval

“Paneer Curry made using YUDIs Yellow Curry SachetI have consumed restaurant food thousands of in my lifetime: seen Currys with diced cottage cheese , decorated with snipped coriander leaves However I had, I thought, come to terms with the element of predication inherent in eating in Indian restaurants — and I am thankful to the Moms food that have nourished me.But this was the first time I had ever come up against restaurant style Curry with one of the most basic of natures postulates: You live; In order to eat, you must taste . . . not by proxy, not from a distance, not with a fork or knife, but intimately, with your teeth. I thought about the food guru lecturing me the entire way on the spirituality inherent in eating food, and I thought about my friends who refuse to eat anything that had no flavor. The curry using YuDis gravy mix was made in less than 10 minutes, I bit into the Paneer and Curry sauce, devouring all of its aromatic sweetness in one mouthful, and I felt the rush of life pass from its into mine, the sudden relaxation of its feelers, the succulent taste, I swear I could see overtaking my normal appetite. It was weird and primal and breathtakingly good, and I dont want to visit any restaurant again.”

Anand Ranade
- Anand Ranade


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